While we were visiting Montreal for the CSAtweetup of Curiosity’s landing we discovered the Star Wars Identities exhibit that the Montreal Science Centre was hosting and with that admission had general access to the rest of the centre. Up on the second floor at the back of the main building we came across an installation that reminded us of our favorite Portuguese inventor Pietro Proserpio. Created to commemorate the centre’s opening in May 2000 the pataphysicist Florent Veilleux designed his Electricity-to-Water (PTEEM) and Water-to-Wind (PTEVM) transformers to bring attention to water scarcity and the innovative solutions mankind should be looking toward to address this global crisis. Ingeniously the second transformer was created to help power the first and perpetually sustain itself thanks to a windmill that produces electricity and start the whole process over again. Certainly a contemporary of Pietro, this Quebec native has experimented with most art forms, but now focuses on experimental video and the production of Luminakinetic installations.