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Sheraton Indianapolis City Center [Repost]

For Gen Con 2014, we stayed in at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Center for the second time in six years. The Sheraton is in downtown Indianapolis, just off Monument Circle, and…..

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NASA Space Shuttle Program history [Repost]

While I’d earlier joked about President Nixon being responsible for giving the final go ahead for development of the space shuttle program in 1972, I thought I should put together…..

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Cayman Islands National Museum [Repost]

Located in George Town the Cayman Islands National Museum is housed within the Old Courts Building, the oldest public building located on the islands dating back to the 1800s, which…..

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Abridged history of Roatan, Honduras [Repost]

Before the fateful arrival of Christopher Columbus during his fourth voyage (1502-1504) when he visited the neighboring Bay Island of Guanaja the pre-Columbian indigenous peoples of Roatan are believed to…..