Our forth port of call during our 2013 cruise for Nicole’s birthday was the Caribbean British overseas territory of the Cayman Islands and its capital George Town. Located on the largest of the islands, Grand Cayman accounts for three-quarters of the country’s entire landmass at just over 22 miles long and 8 miles across at its widest point. And with a population at just over twenty thousand it’s frankly hard to imagine it as the world-famous offshore banking and investment centre it’s more commonly known for. However with just under six hundred banks and trust companies with offices located on the island, including forty-three out of the world’s fifty largest, and some Canadian ones to boot, it’s in fact known as the money laundering capital of the world. And when you’re there, it’s certainly apparent that a lot of wealth is passing through the island.

But along side the shopping the Cayman Islands still has a lot to offer by way of watersport activities like snorkeling and scuba diving through the reefs and many shipwrecks the area is also known for, and with the concentration of clubs, resorts, and hotels around the iconic Seven Mile Beach, a popular destination for visitors and tourists alike and is supported by two local bus routes.