If you haven’t already heard about Toronto’s Cosmic Cab then you’ll certainly be on the lookout for him after you see this short video by CityTV. While a driver with the Beck Taxi company, Akber is in high demand taking calls from his regulars and Thursday through Saturday cruising the Entertainment district. So I was pleasantly surprised when he turned up on my doorstep this morning having decided to take a dispatch call. And he certainly seems to delight in the reaction he gets. For approximately five years now he’s had his cab decked out to coincide with the current holiday, keeping gum and tootsie pops on hand, not to mention a plastic guitar for the kids or anyone else wanting to rock out for the ride. Others looking for something a little more sedate can choose from a wide selection of magazines restocked each month.

Akber can be reached from 7AM to noon, for the evening rush hour, or during club nights at 416-807-2949 to book a fare, just be sure to give him a half-hour warning.