During our 2011 Mediterranean cruise our second port of call in Italy was the ancient port city of Cagliari, Sardinia. Like many of our stops tourism has become one of the major industries for the city thanks like in ancient days to its position upon the Mediterranean. But due to its rich history offers a lot to see from the old city of the Castello and its commanding view of the gulf to the numerous churches scattered across Cagliari’s many hills not to mention some fabulous pizza to be had along the way. The metro however is still a work in progress, which means having to climb some of the more substantive hills in town, so those looking for something a little more sedate can enjoy a stroll upon its famous Poetto beach; one of the longest beaches in Italy its famous for its fine-grained white sand.

And of course there’s the shopping around the port and the occasional cat and mouse show! Here’s a short video of a group entertaining tourists by the port (runs just over 35 seconds long).