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How are World Heritage sites chosen? [Repost]

The primary qualification for receiving the UNESCO World Heritage designation is that it must be “of outstanding universal value and meet at least one of ten selection criteria,” but is…..

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Abridged history of NASA [Repost]

Originally established on July 29, 1958 by President Eisenhower through the National Aeronautics and Space Act the agency became America’s civilian space program for aeronautics research to encourage development of…..

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NASA Space Shuttle Program history [Repost]

While I’d earlier joked about President Nixon being responsible for giving the final go ahead for development of the space shuttle program in 1972, I thought I should put together…..

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Cayman Islands National Museum [Repost]

Located in George Town the Cayman Islands National Museum is housed within the Old Courts Building, the oldest public building located on the islands dating back to the 1800s, which…..

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Remixes of Thrones [Repost]

One thing Gary and I don’t talk a lot about is taking ballroom dance – it’s not because we feel this is something embarrassing, but because we feel we suck……

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Open dialogue roleplaying [Repost]

Working my way through the mound of notes that was my old Requiem larp, ‘Flesh & Blood,’ I’ve been rediscovering a lot of the work I’d done trying to make…..

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Game Design: Prologues [Repost]

A few years back I adopted the practice of prologues – or cutaways – at the openings of my sessions to help establish the events that were responsible for starting…..

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Humour in Sword & Sorcery gaming [Repost]

Came across this posting from Fan Expo Canada 2015 by a panel of some notable – and in all honesty – funniest writers currently producing Sword & Sorcery comics, fiction,…..

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Game Design: Power of Music [Repost]

Over the years I’ve run tabletops and larger live action games in a variety of ways, and nothing yet has proven to have the same ability as music to propel…..