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Remixes of Thrones [Repost]

One thing Gary and I don’t talk a lot about is taking ballroom dance – it’s not because we feel this is something embarrassing, but because we feel we suck……

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Time-lapsed flyover by the ISS [Repost]

Because it’s just so cool, figured I share a video I’d come across that does a time-lapsed flyover of the Earth. Taken as the International Space Station orbited the planet…..

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Open dialogue roleplaying [Repost]

Working my way through the mound of notes that was my old Requiem larp, ‘Flesh & Blood,’ I’ve been rediscovering a lot of the work I’d done trying to make…..

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Game Design: Prologues [Repost]

A few years back I adopted the practice of prologues – or cutaways – at the openings of my sessions to help establish the events that were responsible for starting…..

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Game Design: Power of Music [Repost]

Over the years I’ve run tabletops and larger live action games in a variety of ways, and nothing yet has proven to have the same ability as music to propel…..

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Watch by Robert J. Sawyer [Review]

Second in the World Wide Web series, Watch by Robert J. Sawyer immediately picks up in the aftermath of Wake with our protagonist Caitlin Decter having recently moved from Texas…..

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The Thief of Always by Clive Barker [Review]

Written ten years before his critically acclaimed Abarat, it’s clear that even though The Thief of Always was Clive Barker’s first foray into Young Adult literature, that it certainly would…..

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I Hate PDF Restaurant Menus [Repost]

Can I tell you how much I hate PDF menus?  Because I really hate them. Restaurant owners:  Please give me one good reason that you cannot convert your precious menu…..

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Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King [Review]

Picking up immediately after Wizard and Glass where the last of the Gilead gunslingers – Roland Deschain – shares with his ka-tet how his quest for the Dark Tower originally…..