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Montreal Sites: Notre-Dame Basilica [Repost]

Cited as one of the most dramatic examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the world, the church is perhaps even more interesting for its unusualness. Instead of the traditional glass…..

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Chinese History in 3.5 Minutes [Repost]

Both Gary and I have taken courses where we had to memorize a LOT of Chinese history – and when we saw this video from Globe & Mail journalist Mark…..

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Cayman Islands 1932 hurricane [Repost]

Perhaps one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Cayman Islands until Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the hurricane of November 1932 wreaked havoc over the 8th and 9th caused widespread…..

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World’s first human-powered helicopter [Repost]

The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter was designed and constructed by the University of Toronto AeroVelo’s alumni team and on June 13th 2013 it sustained sufficient altitude of 3.3 metres remaining aloft…..

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The Knights of Malta: Life in Malta [Repost]

Despite the clear militarism of the order as the Knights transformed an otherwise desolate island into a flourishing Mediterranean community boasting an impressively fortified capital and signaling their renewed naval…..

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WDW: Abridged History of Epcot [Repost]

Developed toward the end of Walt Disney’s life, the property purchased near Orlando, Florida now home to the Walt Disney World Resort, was originally intended to be a small cutting…..

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Old Montreal under British rule [Repost]

Despite the addition of fortifications at Montreal, the city became a British colony after New France was lost in 1763 with Britain’s victory in the French and Indian War. No…..