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Akber Batada’s Cosmic Cab [Repost]

If you haven’t already heard about Toronto’s Cosmic Cab then you’ll certainly be on the lookout for him after you see this short video by CityTV. While a driver with…..

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World’s first human-powered helicopter [Repost]

The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter was designed and constructed by the University of Toronto AeroVelo’s alumni team and on June 13th 2013 it sustained sufficient altitude of 3.3 metres remaining aloft…..

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Humour in Sword & Sorcery gaming [Repost]

Came across this posting from Fan Expo Canada 2015 by a panel of some notable – and in all honesty – funniest writers currently producing Sword & Sorcery comics, fiction,…..

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Cosmopolis Toronto: Interview [Audio]

A little over three years ago Nicole had the opportunity while she was back at York University to interview the photographer behind the Cosmopolis Toronto project – Colin Boyd Shafer…..

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Maha’s Toronto Restaurant Review [Repost]

Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine opened less than a five-minute walk from our house two years ago, and we’ve meant to get over there since then. It’s taken us so long because…..

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Toronto’s iconic landmarks [Repost]

In celebration of Toronto 182nd birthday we thought we’d reshare this great time-lapsed video shot by Stephane Legrand that takes us around Toronto’s most iconic landmarks. However it was a…..

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Upper Canada’s First University [Repost]

Situated on the grounds that surround Ontario’s legislative assembly building in the heart of the city, the University of Toronto (UofT) is a public research university that has been responsible…..

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Murdoch Mysteries pop-up shop (Fall launch)

From Thursday September 29th through to Wednesday October 5th (with the exception of Sunday) the Murdoch Mysteries pop-up shop has taken over the Atrium at the CBC Broadcast Centre in…..

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Tour Toronto by Music Video [Repost]

“I’m from the T- Dot-Oh… Rep it everywhere I go… Everybody from the cold… this is where we’re calling home…” For the longest time, I wanted Toronto to have a…..