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Istanbul Sites: Yerebatan Sarnici tour [Repost]

During our visit to Istanbul in November 2011, we had the opportunity to visit the largest and oldest of the cisterns beneath the city. Our apologies for the poor quality…..

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Key West, Florida [Repost]

During my 2010 birthday we took a short cruise out of Miami. Despite a hurricane that drove us off course, we still had a great time. Unfortunately due to some…..

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ibis Styles Hotel Berlin Mitte [Repost]

In the week after our first College of Wizardry, we both got the larp plague, along with a good chunk of the cast. Unfortunately, that was also the week we…..

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Time-lapsed flyover by the ISS [Repost]

Because it’s just so cool, figured I share a video I’d come across that does a time-lapsed flyover of the Earth. Taken as the International Space Station orbited the planet…..

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Open dialogue roleplaying [Repost]

Working my way through the mound of notes that was my old Requiem larp, ‘Flesh & Blood,’ I’ve been rediscovering a lot of the work I’d done trying to make…..

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Game Design: Prologues [Repost]

A few years back I adopted the practice of prologues – or cutaways – at the openings of my sessions to help establish the events that were responsible for starting…..